Our vision


We believe in fair growth. Growth that doesn’t leave anyone behind.

We know that to make a meaningful impact, we need to do things differently. We will listen and hear your thoughts, and make sure that our work enriches the community. It will do good stuff.

We will also ensure that nature and the environment play a proper role in making clean, healthy, and beautiful spaces.


Audaciousness is not just a catchphrase; it's a commitment to pushing boundaries, while ensuring that every move is grounded in a foundation of trust and reliability. We are not afraid of being different. We are tenacious, committed, and passionate – and will do the right thing at every turn.


We're not here to make ripples; we’re here to make waves.

Working as a team, we will disrupt conventional thinking and practices to create new opportunities, new models, and new places.

We will challenge existing thinking with the aim of doing things better, getting there faster, and being more fair.


Royal Albert Dock is getting a radical facelift.

Part of the historic Royal Albert Dock, this spot was once the bustling heart of London’s sea trade. A new generation of RAD will thrive, mirroring its past with bold moves and daring decisions that propel the development to the forefront of innovation.


We’re not just redeveloping a location; we’re rewriting the story of urban evolution.


Welcome to a future where diversity thrives and monotony becomes a relic of the past. Fearlessly bold, we reject the formulaic.

Let the past be the launchpad for the future, as we transform RAD from single-use offices to an exciting hybrid of homes, offices, and recreational spaces.

RAD is a place where passion is discovered and enabled to thrive. A place of imagination and innovation. A place to run wild. A place for disruptors and move-makers, determined to shake-up the future.

Watch this space — there is so much to come.