The Mavericks of the DPK Management Team

We are the transformative force behind the invigoration of the Royal Albert Dock, embodying innovation and breaking conventional norms.

David Maxwell

David is the visionary behind RAD CHP Limited, landowners of Phase I at the Royal Albert Docks. Also the founder and CEO of parent-company DPK since 2010, he led a team that has navigated over £1 billion in commercial real estate transactions. Under David’s leadership, professionalism meets radical innovation, and his forward-thinking approach plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of the organisation.

James Neary

James is the operational maestro at the Royal Albert Dock and plays a crucial role in managing and optimising the day-to-day activities of the organisations. His previous experience at Nan Fung UK, where he significantly increased assets to approximately £700 million in just four years, highlights his strategic and effective leadership and demonstrates his ability to drive substantial growth in the real estate investment sector. We may be making waves at RAD, but James keeps us sailing smoothly.

Richard Lawrence

Richard has been at DPK since its inception in 2010. He is responsible for all Group operations and plays a pivotal role in overseeing all assets within the organisation. Richard’s long-standing collaboration with David underscores his dedication and shared vision for the company and contributes to the overall success of DPK.

Jack Tredrea

As Vice President of DPK, Jack has ten years of experience across corporate finance, M&A and capital raising. His role at DPK spans investment, asset management, and capital markets. Having joined from Lazard, he has been involved in RAD since 2023, assisting on aspects of business plan implementation, financial/budget planning, and lender reporting.

Al Cory

Al, DPK’s Innovation Director and former Director of the University of Oxford Science and Innovation Campus, boasts extensive experience in strategic operations and development. His expertise includes creating and delivering innovative environments across various sectors, such as deep-tech science, healthcare, academic research, hospitality, education, and mixed-use urban planning. Al’s track record spans multiple locations, demonstrating his ability to operate on both national and global scales.

Dave Grogan

Dave is the on-site Estate Director and has been working on the Royal Albert Dock for many years. This is not just any long-standing position; it carries a deep commitment to the significant history and success of the site. Dave’s extensive experience and involvement in the development stages for the previous owners makes him a crucial and irreplaceable part of the team.

Gary Trott

Gary, as DPK’s Finance Director, brings a wealth of experience to the role with a background spanning over two decades in senior finance positions within both listed and unlisted real estate companies. His extensive tenure in the field demonstrates a deep understanding of financial management and strategic decision-making within the real estate industry.