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Working with light and air – Alan Parkinson, Architects of Air, 21 Jun 2019

Join Alan Parkinson, founder and designer of Architects of Air, on Friday 21 June at 5.30 pm for a talk inside one of Alan's dazzling, immersive architectural installations - DAEDALUM, presented as part of the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival. The talk will focus on the boundaries of architecture and working with light and air. The talk will run for around 30 minutes and is free and open for all to attend.

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Founder, designer and artistic director Alan first started experimenting with pneumatic sculptures in the 1980s and has since developed his own language of form in this plastic medium. In 1992 he established the company to build and tour his luminarium designs. Since, Architects of Air, a Nottingham based company has made over 500 exhibitions in more than 40 countries. “I design luminaria because I want to share my sense of wonder at the phenomenon of light," says Alan. "A luminarium provides the frame for an encounter with a light whose surprising and simple intensity cuts through conditioned perception.”

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