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Collaboration in the digital age

From AI and automation to future urban mobility, technology is reshaping the world as we know it.

According to KPMG’s 2019 Technology Innovation Hubs report, the UK has risen to third in a global ranking of most promising countries in the world for technology breakthroughs.

This means the UK only trails slightly behind the US and China, in a ranking of countries expected to produce the most disruptive technologies.

By the same token, China’s technology market growth is accelerating. The recently released China Tech Market Outlook 2019 to 2020 report predicts the sector will increase from 4 per cent growth in 2019 to 7 per cent in 2020, in USD value.

In Asia, this growth is both strong and widespread. A joint study by Google and Singaporean state-owned investment company Temasek found that Southeast Asia’s internet economy is on track to exceed USD240 billion, or 8 per cent of GDP, by 2025.

There is a significant opportunity for collaboration in both the UK and Asia. We each stand to benefit through the exchanging of ideas and playing on each other’s strengths.

Companies and governments are increasingly seeing the benefits of working together on an international scale, such as boasted visibility, increased trade opportunities, and capitalising on global growth trends.

In many ways, collaboration is the new innovation.

ABP London is proud that the Royal Albert Dock is already operating as a bridge for companies based in both the UK and Asia. Our newly opened Phase 1 site is already home to dozens of tech companies from both regions, as well as headquarters to the recently launched UK-India Tech Hub.

We are providing firms with a gateway for cross-pollinating technology and innovation, and a path to globalise, help create jobs, and ultimately have a positive impact on the industry.

The UK Asia Tech Powerhouse conference, from 11-12 June, will feature a discussion by the Nanjing Bureau of Commerce on how businesses can best access the Chinese market and find out what resources are available to assist them.

For more information on the conference, which is part of London Tech Week, visit

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