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Our early summer programme of events comes to a close after welcoming thousands of visitors

Blog, 16 Jul 2019

Overview of early summer events at RAD London

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Sharing a future with the aviation community

Blog, 20 Jun 2019

Last week RAD welcomed a panel of top aviation experts for a lively discussion exploring the Future of Aviation, which was held in partnership with City AM and London City Airport.

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RAD welcomes hundreds of delegates to the UK Asia Tech Powerhouse conference

Blog, 17 Jun 2019

The technology community converged at Royal Albert Dock for the UK Asia Tech Powerhouse, which brought together leading experts and delegates to take part in a series of debates and competitions as part of London Tech Week.

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Collaboration in the digital age

Blog, 29 May 2019

There is a significant opportunity for collaboration in both the UK and Asia. We each stand to benefit through the exchanging of ideas and playing on each other’s strengths.

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ABP and Pontaq open first-ever dedicated UK India tech hub at Royal Albert Dock London

Blog, 16 May 2019

Royal Albert Dock (RAD) has launched as the UK India Tech Hub – a designated space for technology firms from India and the UK.

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The rise of the Royal Docks

Blog, 23 Apr 2019

Once at the forefront of global trade, the Royal Docks suffered from the introduction of containerised cargo and technological advances from the 1960s, ultimately leading to it’s decline and closure in 1981.

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Flexibility remains key

Blog, 23 Apr 2019

The workplace is evolving. Rapid advances in technology have pushed the way we communicate beyond imagination and changed the face of the traditional office forever, bringing with it a generation of ‘mobile millennials’ who are digitally active and switched on at all times.

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